Do you remember that Christmas shoe box?

This was our Christmas project last year and we made more than 88 children happy with your help. How? Look for yourself:

XMas Shoebox 2016/2017

Thanks to our friends and guests we were able to collect donations, which we used for the children of the Tshega Christian Missions. More than enough by the way and with the remaining funds we were able to finance 3 more children (Maria, Doctor & Elisa) their remaining school time, until the completion in 3 years.

This year we want to support a new project that needs our help!

I became aware of the Rethabile Disabled Centre by my friend Uli, who took me there in March. This centre looks after disabled children with CP/cerebral palsy, a disease that affects the brain at an infant age and causes paralysis, disabilities and disturbances of the musculoskeletal system.

I have been on site with Uli several times now and we got to know Princess & Jennifer. Two women who are affected themselves and who, in their few free time, inform other affected parents about this disease and even hold "workshops" on weekends, i.e. the support them in self-help. That was the decisive point for me to help and support the two of them as well, because that's exactly what the people here need, so that something can change in the long run! In October we organised the first workshop with teaching materials, transport and food for parents and children. I have been there myself and learned much about this terrible illness. I realised how small the support is that they receive from the state to solve their problems.

As usual in Africa, the children with this clinical picture are naturally carried around on their mothers' backs, but once they are bigger, even the strongest woman can't cope with this. The children often "disappear" in the huts and can therefore no longer participate in "public life". But this is the crux of the matter, because any kind of stimulation is extremely important and can contribute to positive change.

Therefore we would like to sponsor the so-called Madiba Buggys especially for these children (Nelson Mandela was called MADIBA = father by the people here). Normal wheelchairs can also help, of course, and we even passed on old "office chairs" with castors - and what we saw were bright eyed children's faces! Everything helps and will be used where it is most needed.

It seems to be easy being busy all the time and having too much work to do! But it is also very easy to bring a little sparkle into the life and eyes of these kids on this way. I would be happy if Ulrike, Robin and I could sponsor one or two of these wheelchairs with a little help and money from you!

We know that it's not just a "little thing" that we ask, but you know us personally and know that we will use the money accordingly!

And of course we will keep you informed with updates about the "Rethabile Project" and the Madiba Buggys in the New Year!

Geldbeträge (egal welche Höhe) für die „Madiba Buggys“ können direkt auf folgendes Konto in Deutschland überwiesen werden:

Claudia Schnell / Voba Rhein-Neckar eG
IBAN DE60 6709 0000 0060 0325 05
Referenz: „Madiba Buggy“

Oder direkt an das "Rethabile Disabled Centre" in Südafrika:
Name of Institution: Nedbank

Name of Account Holder: CP Support Group Project
Branch Code: 198765
Swift Code: NEDSZAJJXXX (for international transfers)
Account Number: 20064 77927
REF: Madiba Buggy

Madiba Buggys für das Rethabile Disabled Centre


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